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Say Good-bye to Your "Office Body" Issues

A session by Zoe Levine
Founder, The Thriving Body

April 23, 2021, 07:00 PM

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30min Alignment & Movement Makeover for You and Your Workspace

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About this session

"""Office Body"" is a very real thing. Weak glutes, back pain, neck and shoulder tension, tight hips and hamstrings, and bad knees, are all part of the picture in addition to feeling like there's not enough time for exercise. You have gotten your body out of the cage of the actual office... but have you gotten the office out of your body? Or did all those aches and pains, all that stiffness, and lack of time for your body follow you home?

The amazing news is that you can change all that and break free from the cage with very little ""extra"" time and a few simple tweaks.

Join us for this interactive workshop to
-learn how your daily habits affect your body more than any exercise program -take home real life tips to create a more dynamic work space - understand how to reduce the typical ""office body"" issues, tensions, and pains -create new habits during your workday that will improve your productivity, help you move more, and finally break out of the ""cage"" of the typical office experience"

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You’ll get one new habit challenge delivered to your inbox every day over 10 days. In each e-mail, I'll introduce a new habit. I'll share what it is, why you should care, how to easily work it into your everyday life, and how it will change your life (and your body) for the better. Each habit will also come with assessment tools to know where you are (and modify when needed), and what to look forward to as you get better at them. We'll cover breath, feet, floor sitting, squatting (don't be scared!), hanging, twisting, whole body alignment, walking, dynamic workstations, and even mindset. You'll be surprised how many big shifts you can make with such small changes in every day life.

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Zoe Levine

My Superpower is escape the cage!

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