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Mikala Lark

Mikala Lark

My Superpower is

The Procrastinator's Coach

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About this Speaker

Mikala Lark is a Coach, Speaker, and Author as The Procrastinator’s Coach. As a fitness trainer and life coach, she combines her passion for physical fitness with whole health. As a speaker, she aims to deliver a uniquely unpolished presentation that encourages her audiences to CTRL+ALT+DEL their lives, empowering them to SHIFT & RETURN to a life of true freedom.

Mikala is a proud U.S. Air Force Veteran, former corporate 9-5er, now living the life that she desires.

The Procrastinator’s Coach was created in 2018 when Mikala wanted to combine her love for fitness training and life coaching. Self-care is Mikala’s top priority and will always advocate for taking care of your mind, body, and soul, first, every day. She develops personalized fitness programs that incorporate yoga, HIIT, strength, and endurance training into her workouts.

Being the self-proclaimed Queen of Procrastination, Mikala wanted to coach in an area where she is the most authentic. She also believes that procrastination isn’t wrong and procrastinators aren’t lazy but operate differently. Mikala has created many methods within procrastination and alternatively uses it as a superpower rather than a weakness.

Off work hours, Mikala is a bougie-foodie, spa-junkie, but believes in balance and loves hiking at Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park.

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